About Us and Meet the Team

We have a passion in creating amazing interiors and work alongside our clients to achieve their dream interior ideas, we can supply a single item up to a full turnkey package where you just need to turn up with your suitcase and everything in between.  Trying to furnish a property thousands of miles away, when you don't speak the native language, don't know where to go, have no tools, no time and quite frankly would rather be by the pool or on the beach is just one big hassle. 

We have been taking this hassle away for over 8 years (2018) and with hundreds of happy clients we are doing something right and as you can see on our Previous Work Page we have furnished many properties with these just a small selection.  If you are thinking of renting out your property Rivermead Global Rentals part of the Rivermead Global Ltd Group only rent out properties furnished by ourselves, so please keep this in mind as we have many property owners contacting us weekly asking us to manage their properties but we have to refuse if already furnished.

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Neil Hollingsworth - Managing Director

After a long career in the Royal Air Force Neil left the military and started working for a UK estate agent before setting up Rivermead Global Property in 2006 (changed to Rivermead Global Ltd in 2014).  

Neil set up the furnishing side of Rivermead Global Ltd in 2009 after hearing from many clients that the companies supplying furniture in Hurghada were very, very poor and didn't offer a good service.  He spent several months researching the markets, looking at the logistics and also deciding whether it was a service he could actually supply.

Now 8 years on (2018) it certainly was a service he could supply and Rivermead Global Furniture is going from strength to strength, always looking out for new ideas/designs/materials.  Neil gets more excited that his clients when it comes to the furnishing of their properties that is just how passionate he is on making sure each and every one of his clients is happy.

If you would like to contact Neil direct he can be contacted on 0044 (0) 7717826505 (WhatsApp and Viber) or email neil@rivermeadglobal.com 

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Thomas Yates - Head of Sales UK and Egypt (Property)

With his his Business Management degree and great head for numbers Tom focuses mainly on our Egyptian property sales, he is extremely passionate about getting our clients the best deal possible.  He doesn't really step into the interior design side of the business however, he does like working out how much your Return on Investment would be if you bought the property and furniture from us then asked us to rent the property out for you.

If you do ever speak to Tom please don't get him talking about his little baby (Jax the Boston Terrier), you will never shut him up!

One of Tom's favourite sayings is "If anyone is looking to buy a property or furniture in Hurghada it is our duty to make sure they buy from us so they buy safely and receive the 5 star customer service they deserve".

If you would like to contact Tom direct he can be contacted on 0044 (0) 7825287112 (WhatsApp and Viber) or email tom@rivermeadglobal.com 

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Garry Hubbard - Operations Manager Egypt

Garry, started working for Rivermead Global Ltd in 2011 and quickly became well known in Hurghada as Rivermead Global's man on the ground.

He started sourcing new carpenters and suppliers, working directly with them and Neil designing new furniture ranges, kitchens sourcing new materials etc...

Seven years on (2018) and he has become well known in Hurghada through working for Rivermead Global Ltd, which means if anything new happens in Hurghada we are generally the first to know about it.

He has also started up his old hobby of DJing and you can find him in various coffee shops/clubs spinning the discs under his nickname of DJ G.

If you would like to contact Garry direct he can be contacted on 002 (0) 1015196474 (WhatsApp and Viber) or email garry@rivermeadglobal.com

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Hamada Esmat - Facilities and Furniture Manager Egypt

Since joining the Rivermead Global Ltd Team in January 2017 Hamada has become our Furniture Manager, being fluent in both Arabic and English he has been a massive help when it comes to dealing with all our carpenters and suppliers as most don't speak English.

He has realised though how hard this role is due to the passion Neil has in ensuring the quality and standards are kept as high as possible and is often having to shout at people!

Hamada not only deals with our Egyptian carpenters and suppliers he is a great asset when dealing with some of our new developers that again don't speak English but have some amazing properties to sell.  This means Rivermead Global Ltd are able to locate and source the best available properties that others aren't selling due to them not having the people on the ground.

If you would like to contact Hamada direct he can be contacted on 002 (0) 1001385145 (WhatsApp and Viber) or email hamada@rivermeadglobal.com